If your house or building is ruined by fire damage, Mid American Restoration Services will act quickly to rebuild your property back to what you remember it as. Losing a home or other property can be a particularly devastating because of the emotional connection. Mid American Restoration will ensure that every step of the rebuild process is handled professionally and that you are taken care of.


While specializing in insurance and non-insured losses and flood damage, our 24/7 emergency restoration service has experience:
- Restoring damages from failed sump pumps
- Removing all remaining water within a home/building and drying out the area
- Removing mold and asbestos which resulted from water damage
- Complete reconstruction after flood

Particularly in the Midwest, we have to worry about wind damage in severe storms not to mention the most feared storm, tornados. If disaster strikes you and your home you can count on Mid American Restoration Services to make the necessary repairs to bring your life back to normal.

No matter what level of damage, Mid American Restoration Services can get you back to normal fast and minimize the amount of interuption you experience.